Anđela Kostić

Master of Global Affairs and Policy, Yonsei University


Anđela is a Junior Fellow at CIRSD. She attained her Master’s Degree in Global Affairs and Policy at the Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University, in Seoul, South Korea. Her work is mainly focused on Sustainable Development and International Law and Security. She has previously been an intern at a South Korean NGO that assists North Korean Refugees. Ever since, she has been passionate about working with the most vulnerable groups, more specifically: women, youth and migrants. Her future goal is to work on inclusion of these underrepresented groups, so as to assure their engagement in decision making processes related to achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Anđela does research and policy evaluations related to Climate Change, SDG Attainment, International Law and Security, Youth Empowerment and Social Inclusion. Additionally, she works on organizing youth panels that would give excellent young minds a chance to join the discussion and share their opinions on a variety of topics related to International Relations and Sustainable Development. As a language enthusiast, apart from mastering English, she is currently in the process of studying and perfecting her Portuguese and Korean language skills.