Young Contributors

AUKUS- novi savez za zaprečavanje Kine?

Pavle Janošević

AUKUS je trilateralni bezbednosni pakt između Australije, Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva i Sjedinjenih Država. Prema paktu, SAD i UK će pomoći Australiji da nabavi podmornice na nuklearni pogon. Tema ovog teksta je proces geneze samog saveza kao i njegove

Why is Bosnia and Herzegovina Still Dysfunctional as a State?

Aleksandar Novković

Followed by a none-coherence of a single foreign policy and internal tensions accompanied by constant ethno-nationalist rhetoric, there is a consensus among scholars that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a dysfunctional state.

Cryptocurrencies as a challenge to U.S Global Hegemony. A virtual currency for a post-American world?


“If cryptocurrencies continue to mature and advance in technology and therefore in popularity, then it is very likely that it could pose a greater problem for the US hegemonic power through the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. International

Russia’s approach to Frozen Conflicts, studying the past to prevent the future

Luca Candiago

A “Frozen conflict” is a situation in which active armed conflict has been brought to an end, although it might easily become a “hot” one once again. Being often a product of the Russian Foreign Policy intersts since the dissolution of the Soviet Uni

Neorealističko tumačenje rata u Ukrajini ili zašto liberali nisu bili u pravu

Sava Mitrović

Ukrajinska kriza predstavlja vrlo složen proizvod istorijskih, identitetskih i geopolitičkih okolnosti, čija je geneza imala različite amplitude i eskalacije oružanog nasilja, da bi naposletku dovela do otvorene ruske invazije 24. februara 2022. godi

COP26 – Are we selling a fictional agreement?

Anđela Kostić

In the past decade, environmental degradation has led to a serious rise in natural disasters, from earthquakes to fires, flooding, droughts, extreme weather conditions, even higher risk of pandemics.

Modern Factors Determining the Future of Healthcare

Aleksandar Ilić

Being one of the most turbulent years in the last few decades, 2020 brought life changing events on a global scale. The outcome is still uncertain, but the implementation of some old-new solution to the functioning models in various industries seems

Renewable energies as a solution to climate change: Barriers for diffusion and steps to global energy transition

Maša Njegovan Anja Jević

Addressing climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. It requires the urgent transformation of the global economy, private and public sectors, and sustainable development strategies.

Unemployed, High-skilled Young Adults in Southeast Europe

Spasoje Maksimović

However, they are no match for the Western Balkan countries in incompetence, which are not only successful in producing unemployed highly-skilled professionals, but also in exporting them to more developed European countries.

The Multi-player Game in Central Asia

Igor Pejić

The region of Central Asia has a reminiscent feeling of a bygone age, a remote area on the Eurasian land mass occupied by the Soviets but never entirely conquered. During the Cold War Central Asia provided the Soviet Union with even more strategic de

The Demographic Decay of the Modern Europe

Spasoje Maksimović

Europe’s population is getting older and its economy is struggling due to the ageing population; that is no longer a secret. However, the lack of a coherent European (re)solution, which would tackle this issue, remains puzzling.

Turkey, the Middle East, and the Revival of the “Eastern Question”

Dino Bašović and Ikbal Saračević

This article analyzes the relationship between Turkey, the countries of the Middle East, and the major powers in the context of a revival of the “Eastern Question.” Moreover, it places special emphasis on the position of Turkey, which the authors bel

Changing the World as We Know It: The role of Industry 4.0 in Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 9 and the 2030 Agenda

Tanja Krneta

The world we know is rapidly changing, creating new opportunities and bringing along new issues that require attention. We live in a very complex era with change and progress happening daily, and how we choose to act today will be a cornerstone of th

Containing ISIS: A Dream Too Far?

Stefan Antić

The past 25 years have marked a period in which the West had taken upon itself to serve as the guardian of international peace and stability. The assumption of such a responsibility has often meant assuming the role of global firefighter. And over th

China and the River Danube

Nikola Jokanović

In this text, I will focus my attention on the countries of the Danube River basin, and on the topics of regional infrastructural and industrial projects, the development of tourism, and on the announced arrival of individuals and companies from Peop

Migration across the Mediterranean: Why are we no closer to a solution?

Katie Parry

There is almost universal agreement that Europe’s current migration policy is both a practical and a ethical failure. There have been periodic low-level rumblings decrying current policy and demanding reform over the last decade, but these voices hav

The Kurdish Question in Iraq: Moving Forward

Austin Wayne Clark

The Kurdistan region of Iraq is one of the most economically significant regions in the Mesopotamian basin, as well as one of the most crucial geopolitical theaters moving into the next decade. A lush region awash with vast oil reserves, as well as a

Migration Processes in the Balkans in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Dušan Ljuboja

The current position of the Balkans in the global as well as European migration flows can be hardly comprehended without a thorough understanding of its history. As observed by historian Ulf Brunbauer, migrations represent a long-term process on the

What Happens if Iran Opens Up?

Stefan Antić

With only a couple of weeks having passed since the Vienna talks failed to deliver a comprehensive deal on Iran’s nuclear program, many are inclined to believe that the new June 30th, 2015 deadline set by the parties presents an even slimmer chance o

21st Century Superpower: How America Wields its Super Powers in a Shifting World

Marija Tesla

It is rare to call a work both genuine and acutely analytical, especially when speaking about U.S. foreign policy, but that is how I see Ian Bremmer’s most recent book, Superpower: Three Choices for America’s Role in the World.