In furtherance of its mission and in support of its key program areas, in September 2014 CIRSD launched its flagship English-language quarterly magazine Horizons – Journal of International Relations and Sustainable Development.

Horizons serves as a high-level platform for influential voices from around the world to provide informed analysis and conduct reasoned exchanges on the full spectrum of issues that shape international developments.

Horizons Editorial Statement

Horizons is an independent journal devoted to the broad theme of international relations and sustainable development. We are guided by the impression that few existing publications seek to engage this topic as a single conceptual and metho-dological whole, or, for that matter, from a truly global perspective. Horizons seeks to contribute to filling this void by treating development questions (economic, social, and environmental) as integral parts of the practice of contemporary international relations.

Horizons will present the views of influential authors in governments, the private sector, media, and the academic community. We do not seek unanimity of opinion, but sagacity of judgment and quality of argumentation.

As a matter of editorial policy, Horizons does not represent or support a single point of view, political school, or ideology. We do, however, decisively lean in the direction of multilateralism, for we believe that key challenges of the twenty-first century cannot be addressed without concerted multilateral engagement. We acknowledge this is not a panacea, but we do insist on putting forward the proposition that our increasingly complex global situation and the resulting uncertainty require more, not less, cooperation between states, intergovernmental organizations and other influential stakeholders.