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Cooperate with China or Suffer

Neither confronting a threat that doesn’t respect borders nor safeguarding an economy that is deeply integrated with the rest of the world can be done alone. Yet it remains far from clear that the US will subordinate its geopolitical rivalry with Chi

How to Avoid a China-Led World Order

Parallels between China’s current global rise and our own history may help us avoid complacency.

Memorial Day offers array of contrasts as Biden and Trump salute war dead, with and without masks

Memorial Day 2020 offered an array of contrasts as some Americans sheltered in their homes, others flocked to beaches and pools, and the nation’s political leaders honored generations of war dead, with former vice president Joe Biden wearing a mask a

World health leaders urge green recovery from coronavirus crisis

Open letter to G20 leaders says addressing climate breakdown key to global revival

Coronavirus: Leading economist warns of 10 years of depression and debt

Economist Nouriel Roubini has warned of a prolonged downturn and sluggish recovery from the coronavirus.

US has three months to rebuild medical supplies stockpile, Obama administration scientists warn

A seven-page report from the former president’s science advisers is an implicit criticism of Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic

Our environment has always affected our mortality, should we add climate change to death certificates?

As temperatures rise we predict increasing morbidity and mortality, particularly in the climate-vulnerable parts of northern Australia

As U.S.-China rhetoric grows harsher, new risks emerge with Taiwan drawn into the mix

Rising tensions between the United States and China brought fresh mudslinging Wednesday as a sharp dispute over responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic spills into new forums such as Taiwan.

Post-coronavirus, the UK must find some friends to stand up to China

Covid-19 has seen China supplant the US in the global power league. Alliances are now crucial to reject the superpower’s bullying

We're already in a Great Depression

Instead of an imagined "tradeoff" between reviving the economy and safeguarding health, President Donald Trump's policies are delivering both a great depression and tens of thousands of deaths at the same time. That's because a tradeoff between econo

The Danger of People Starving to Death Is Greater than the Danger from the Virus

Jordan is concerned about the security of the country's food supplies in the crisis triggered by the coronavirus. In an interview with DER SPIEGEL, King Abdullah II discusses the pandemic and warns U.S. President Donald Trump against trying to implem

What the Coronavirus Does Inside the Body

SARS-CoV-2 does much more damage to the human body than initially assumed. It can attack any number of organs and even penetrates the brain. But why do some people experience worse symptoms than others?

Why Xi won’t repeat Ming Dynasty mistakes

China has learned from its own rich history and is applying those lessons to re-emerge as a major 21st century power

US message to Britain in bilateral trade talks: it’s us – or China

The US government has been privately pressing the UK in bilateral trade talks to make a choice between the US and China. The US is seeking to insert a clause that would allow it to retreat from parts of the deal if Britain reaches a trade agreemen

The Global Resilience Imperative

Today’s catastrophic risks to global health, climate, and biodiversity call for urgent collective action that makes humans true stewards of the planet. This involves recognizing that everyone’s individual health and prosperity depends on respecting p

Croatian police accused of spray-painting heads of asylum seekers

UN has asked the government to investigate latest allegations of abuse against migrants crossing on Balkan route from Bosnia

Out of Order: The Perfect Storm - Coronavirus, Corruption, and Freedom of the Press

The recent World Press Freedom Day was a reminder of the growing threats faced by journalists around the world. The coronavirus pandemic only exacerbates things, especially for media navigating places where corruption and democratic backsliding are o

Managing supply chain risk in a post-COVID-19 world

The coronavirus pandemic has called into question several assumptions which have underpinned global trade for decades. By the time the dust settles, the world’s approach to trade could look quite different.

Is Putin really not worried about a rising China?

Under Vladimir Putin, Russia has pursued an increasingly assertive — even aggressive — foreign policy. In addition to rebuilding Moscow’s influence over most, if not all, the non-Russian republics of the former Soviet Union, he has also revived Mosco

Experts Knew a Pandemic Was Coming. Here’s What They’re Worried About Next. Nine disasters we still aren’t ready for.

Government briefings, science journals and even popular fiction projected the spread of a novel virus and the economic impacts it would bring, complete often with details about the specific challenges the U.S. is now facing.

World power being redistributed

Welcome to a new world, a world shared between the rising superpower of China and the established superpower of the United States, as the coronavirus crisis accelerates competition and intensifies tension in a battle that has been simmering for some

Freedom House: Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary ‘No Longer Democracies’

A new report from watchdog organisation Freedom House describes Serbia, Montenegro and Hungary as ‘hybrid regimes’ rather than democracies because of declining standards in governance, justice, elections and media freedom.

How the Sustainable Development Goals can help cities focus COVID-19 recovery on inclusion, equity, and sustainability

Prior to COVID-19, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were gaining traction among local governments and city leaders as a framework to focus local policy on ambitious targets around inclusion, equity, and sustainability. Several cities publishe

UN health agency hails 7.4 billion Euro pledge for COVID-19 treatments

However, the pledges made on Monday only cover one part of COVID-19 response. Tedros said more funds will be needed in the coming months to meet the global demand for personal protective equipment, medical oxygen in hospital care, and other essentia

Salvaging Globalization

Like other recent systemic crises, the coronavirus pandemic has confronted us with an inconvenient truth: the risks associated with international openness might very well outweigh the gains. If today's multilateral frameworks are to have a future, th