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Students Speak: peace can guarantee sustainable development

Students Speak

War and violence cost the global economy $13.6tn (£10.2tn) in 2015, according to the annual global peace index. Terrorism is at a record high and the effects of conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa have been felt far beyond the region. Worldwide, a record 65 million people were forced to flee their homes last year, with one in every 113 men, women and children a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum. What are the implications of all this for development? Can the global goals be realised if countries are beset by conflict? Is progress impossible without greater emphasis on peace-building? We asked students to give us their views. Below is a selection of the best responses.

International collaboration on peace-building is paramount

In developing countries, peace and development often coincide.

[My country], Pakistan, was conceived out of a struggle for independence against the British followed by a bloody separation from India. At present, the country’s peace is severely compromised by Taliban attacks, sectarian violence and the international military operations of the US.

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