CIRSD Program on International Law announces collaboration with YICL

The Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development (CIRSD) is delighted to announce a partnership with the Association of Young International Criminal Lawyers (YICL).

YICL brings together lawyers and jurists specialising in International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law (IHL), and International Human Rights Law, comprising over 500 members from 80 countries.

Drawing on our shared mission to provide a public forum for the exchange of ideas on developments in international law, our collaboration aims to stimulate new and exciting research relationships between the two organizations through different forms of engagement.

Commenting on this initiative, the Director of the CIRSD Program on International Law Ana Prokić said that she is “very pleased to announce the establishment of this collaborative endeavour with YICL. CIRSD has been committed to providing expert analyses and fostering innovative research, and through this new partnership we will create unique, new opportunities for those interested in the rapidly evolving legal landscape”. 

As part of this collaboration, CIRSD and YICL have embarked on a mission of contributing to the debate in the field of International Humanitarian Law. With the invention of sophisticated weaponry and the development of military cyber capabilities, means and methods of war have changed dramatically, creating uncertainties from both legal and ethical points of view. The nature of contemporary armed conflict poses an increasing challenge for the respect and application of IHL, and questions ranging from classification of armed conflict to the use of new technologies, need to be understood and addressed, in order to adequately cope with the realities of modern warfare.

With that in mind, we have announced a joint Call for Papers, inviting authors to submit their essays on contemporary and pertinent development in the field of IHL. Starting from December 1st, 2021, the CIRSD Program on International Law will be publishing the very best selection of essays as part of the series entitled “Contemporary Challenges and Developments in International Humanitarian Law”.  

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