CIRSD’s two-day seminar, “The World in 2021 and Beyond”

CIRSD carried out a two-day seminar “The World in 2021 and Beyond”,  featuring global leaders in the fields of medicine and strategic communications, Dr. Samir Khleif and Mr. John Rendon.

The participants were 60 brilliant students from Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, US, Brazil, Germany and Ethiopia. Hundreds of applicants’ biographies and motivation statements were considered before the selection was made.

We owe present CIRSD interns special gratitude for this amazing intellectual dialogue. These great students from Serbia, US, UK, France and China, who are currently on our internship program in Belgrade, came up with this idea and did a great job ensuring everything went smoothly. 

If you too are interested in international relations and sustainable development, we encourage you to apply for our internship program.

This will help you gain invaluable experience and obtain references which will help you successfully apply for studies at the most prestigious academic institutions around the world. 

If you are interested in this, please send us your CV or resume at [email protected] 

We are eager to hear from you!

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