The Case For Justice

The Center for International Relations and Sustainable Development (CIRSD), in cooperation with the Faculty of Law - University of Nis, invites law students of all universities in Serbia to apply for an exclusive interview with the legend of legal sciences and court practice, Professor Alan Dershowitz, on Saturday, March 20th, at 7PM (CET), via Zoom.

Professor Dershovitz is the world’s most famous criminal-defense lawyer, one of the greatest American legal authorities, and an expert in constitutional law and civil liberties. He served as a member of Donald Trump’s legal defense team during the impeachment trials in 2020 and 2021. Dershowitz was also an appellate adviser on the O.J. Simpson murder trial and a member of the legal defense team for Harvey Weinstein. In 2006, during the Jeffrey Epstein’s trial, Alan Dershowitz helped to negotiate a 2006 non-prosecution agreement on Epstein’s behalf. All of these trials brought him worldwide fame, but an extremely controversial reputation as well.

Dershowitz remains to this day, the youngest lecturer at Harvard Law School, an institution in which he spent more than five decades. His books are global bestsellers and he has over a thousand articles in the world’s most prestigious publications.

This discussion will be regarding the human and civil rights in today’s turbulent world, the international criminal order, relationship between Israel and Palestine, his fascinating career, and many other things. DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE to attend this event and ask Mr. Dershowitz questions of your choice.

Send your resume and a brief motivation letter explaining why you want to be a part of this seminar to [email protected] by March 14th!

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