Program o medjunarodnom pravu

The CIRSD Program on International Law aims to provide insight into the international legal system and promote better understanding on how international law comes to shape and affect global events. Thanks to our inherently cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary approach, we bring together various actors to foster innovative policy and academic research whilst offering game-changing solutions to the ever-increasing complexities of international law.

In a world characterized by a growing number of humanitarian crises, heightened insecurity, rising inequalities, and increasing threats against the rule of law, we are committed to providing expert analysis and practical ideas for action. We believe that the development and advancement of avenues for broadening the reach of international law is a critical component of the quest to entrench the predictability and deepen the legitimacy of our international system, including the global transformation to sustainable development. To achieve this, we draw on a growing network of accomplished legal experts to analyze developments in international law and propose relevant and realistic policy solutions.

The CIRSD Program on International Law covers a broad range of core topics associated with international law. Current focus areas include:

  • International Justice
  • Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs
  • International Law and New Technologies
  • Data Protection

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