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Jeremić Lectures at RUSI and Cambridge

CIRSD President and candidate for UN Secretary-General Vuk Jeremić delivered two lectures on consecutive days.

On 21 April, he spoke at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) in London on the topic of "The Future of the UN: Necessary Reforms and Unavoidable Challenges," outlining his detailed platform for reforming the organization in the multilateral world of the 21st century. "We've got to make the UN fit for purpose again," Jeremić said, adding that he has put forward "53 concrete commitment that I propose to implement from Day One if given the opportunity to serve the UN again."

On 22 April, ‎Jeremic lectured at Trinity College of the University of Cambridge on the topic "Strengthening the United Nations in the 21st Century" at the invitation of the Cambridge University Serbian Society. During his lecture, Jeremic elaborated on his proposals to revitalize the UN, covering topics such as sustainable development, climate change, peace operations, human rights, and reforming the UN Secretariat.

Below you can find a video of his lecture. For the Photo Gallery click here.

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