‘Moment for Nature’ essential to beat back threats, spur climate action

UN News Centre

The day-long event is being held to assess recent decisions on the global environment agenda and to present solutions to common bottlenecks, such as the gaps between commitments and actions, as well as the need for wider mobilization.

“We know that we have backed ourselves into a corner with our recklessness. We know that this will only get worse, and quickly, as we continue to delay the actions that are needed,” said Mr. Shahid.


Endless possibilities 
Despite the immense challenges facing the world, he was adamant that humanity can effect change, as witnessed by the development of technologies that were once inconceivable. 

“I myself remember a time when the power of renewable energies was viewed as far too weak and expensive to make a difference,” he said. “Today, fleets of vehicles and countless homes run on renewables. Entire cities and countries aspire to be run on renewable energies. The possibilities are endless.”

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