Red and Blue America took different roads. Here's how to bring them together

America has been coming apart at the seams, with Democrats and Republicans increasingly unable of communicating with one another.

International Day of Democracy 15 September

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has resulted in major social, political and legal challenges globally. As states around the world adopt emergency measures to address the crisis, it is critical that they continue to uphold the rule of law, protect a

Prepare for election month, not election night

All of us need to start preparing for a deeply worrying scenario on Nov. 3. It is not some outlandish fantasy, but rather the most likely course of events based on what we know today.

Why Does California Have So Many Wildfires?

There are four key ingredients to the disastrous wildfire seasons in the West, and climate change is a key culprit.

Four Reasons Why Regime Change Won’t Occur In Belarus

There is no reason to believe that the Belarusian opposition will come to power any time soon. Instead, there are numerous differences between what is occurring in Belarus and what occurred in Ukraine in 2014 and in Armenia in 2018. Here are four rea

The burgeoning Balkan-Latin American crime nexus threatening the Balkans’ future

Many criminal groups in the Balkans trace their roots to the breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the conflict that ensued. Under a new generation of criminals, these erstwhile local groups, criminals, and paramilitaries expand

Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond

International Literacy Day 2020 focuses on “Literacy teaching and learning in the COVID-19 crisis and beyond,” especially on the role of educators and changing pedagogies. The theme highlights literacy learning in a lifelong learning perspective, and

Dialogue to Nowhere: The Lack of Legitimacy in the Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue

Serbia and Kosovo have been talking about normalizing their relations for close to a decade. By now, it is the dialogue that became normality, instead of pursuing the goal of “normal” relations. Serbia denies Kosovo’s independence and many questions

Amid COVID-19, don’t ignore the links between poor air quality and public health

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to surge in the United States, with deaths surpassing 169,000 and “red zones” emerging in 21 states, preliminary research suggests that people living in communities with significant exposure to air pollutants have a

Senior Merkel ally urges action over Bulgaria’s corruption crisis

CDU committee chair Gunther Krichbaum says developments in the country are ‘unacceptable.’

No 10 and the secretly funded lobby groups intent on undermining democracy

To accumulate power, a government with authoritarian tendencies must first destroy power. It must reduce rival centres of power – the judiciary, the civil service, academia, broadcasters, local government, civil society – to satellites of its own aut

The Pandemic Depression

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a once-in-a-generation threat to the world’s population. Although this is not the first disease outbreak to spread around the globe, it is the first one that governments have so fiercely combated. Mitigation efforts—includ

The Post-Pandemic Economy’s Barriers to Growth

The COVID-19 pandemic could not have come at a worse time for the global economy. If history is any guide, the current period of deglobalization, public indebtedness, weakening growth, and the expanding economic role of governments does not bode well

The End of American Illusion

Since the end of the Cold War, most U.S. policymakers have been beguiled by a set of illusions about the world order. On critical issues, they have seen the world as they wish it were and not how it really is.

Is the Almighty Dollar Slipping?

Far from signaling its imminent demise as the main global reserve currency, the greenback's sharp depreciation is to be expected in the current macroeconomic context. The forces that could erode the dollar's hegemony remain slower-moving and farther

To the Brink with China

The chances of a Sino-American cold war are far higher today than they were just months ago. Even worse, the chances of an actual war, resulting from an incident involving the countries’ militaries, are also greater.


The world is increasingly obsessed with the ongoing power struggle between the US and China. But the technology-driven shift of power away from states to transnational actors and global forces brings a new and unfamiliar complexity to global affairs.

America’s Unholy Crusade Against China

Last month, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered an anti-China speech that was extremist, simplistic, and dangerous. If biblical literalists like Pompeo remain in power past November, they could well bring the world to the brink of a war that the

A Crash in the Dollar Is Coming

The world is having serious doubts about the once widely accepted presumption of American exceptionalism.

Revisiting the White Swans of 2020

At the start of the year, when COVID-19 was barely on anyone's radar outside of China, the global economy was entering a fraught phase, facing a range of potentially devastating tail risks. And though the pandemic has since turned the world on its he

Emerging Economies Should Build Back Greener

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stop and think about our impact on the planet, and to imagine the kind of world we want. There is still time for governments to plan for a green recovery, which would also help many of them address existing stru

Why Putin wants Scottish independence

The Russia report was supposed to prove once and for all that the Kremlin rigged the EU referendum, Boris Johnson is an FSB asset and Dominic Cummings a bot operated from Saint Petersburg. Anything but the glum reality that the Leave campaign was mor

A Just Post-Pandemic Transition

Just as unbridled climate change will do serious damage to the economy and its workers – not least by exacerbating natural disasters and contributing to pandemics – so, too, will failure to improve human-capital management and safeguard workers’ well

EU looks to target Big Tech in trade war with America

European politicians want to expand the trade arsenal beyond goods to services and IP.

Germany’s Altmaier defends Berlin’s muted response to China’s crackdown in Hong Kong

BERLIN — German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier defended Berlin’s refusal to take a tougher line on China’s crackdown in Hong Kong, saying those in favor of a more strident response were ignoring the economic consequences of confronting Beijing.